Saturday, May 17, 2014

The Funniest Guacamole

For your viewing pleasure, we've collected the best guacamole (memes) the internet has to offer! 

1. Politics - For students like us, any guac price increase is really an issue!

2. Catz - The internet was made for these cuties! 

3. The bad joke: Can't go wrong with something punny like this! 

4. Chemistry Cat - You can always count on him

5. Ryan Gosling - Every girl's fantasy 

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Save the Poor!!

Over the last few months we have been talking about Green IT through various concepts and have been promoting the use of technology to bring back the touch of green to use it efficiently to limit our hardware needs. But why is this e-waste dangerous??

The smart looking devices we use have their skin, bones and organs made of lead, mercury, arsenic, cadmium, copper, beryllium, barium, chromium, nickel, zinc, and sometimes silver and gold. If these materials are not disposed off properly, they can seep underground and can contaminate underground water leading to bioaccumulation, first in plants and then in animals and humans. To see how in different ways it can affect almost all our organs, click here or here.

If you have money, you can get treated; but why do you want to kill the poor? Once you no longer need your mobile, TV, computer or any other electronic device; dispose it properly. Don't be the reason for somebody's death.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Three things women wish YOU had!

Last week, we interviewed women at our local gym and presented them with a list of sexy green tech products. Here are the top three that they wish YOU had! 

Electric cars are now sexy! You can finally pick her up in a high performance electric car in which she will be proud to be seen with you!

unicef tap project

Put your phone away and focus on her! Give clean water to child in need by taking the challenge of not touching your phone. The longer you go without using your phone the more you help UNICEF provide clean water to children. Ten minutes can provide clean water to a child for day. 

An awesome pad is not complete without some plants. We know how busy life can get so this garden is equipped with soil free technology that is scientifically proven to grow plants up to 10x faster than plants grown in soil. Perhaps that you should invite her over for a mozzarella salad with fresh herbs from your own indoor garden.