Sunday, May 4, 2014

Three things women wish YOU had!

Last week, we interviewed women at our local gym and presented them with a list of sexy green tech products. Here are the top three that they wish YOU had! 

Electric cars are now sexy! You can finally pick her up in a high performance electric car in which she will be proud to be seen with you!

unicef tap project

Put your phone away and focus on her! Give clean water to child in need by taking the challenge of not touching your phone. The longer you go without using your phone the more you help UNICEF provide clean water to children. Ten minutes can provide clean water to a child for day. 

An awesome pad is not complete without some plants. We know how busy life can get so this garden is equipped with soil free technology that is scientifically proven to grow plants up to 10x faster than plants grown in soil. Perhaps that you should invite her over for a mozzarella salad with fresh herbs from your own indoor garden.

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