Thursday, March 13, 2014

Not a CIO? You too can help save Guacamole.

Ok, so maybe you are not a CIO yet, or perhaps you have other great plans. Don’t worry though
—you too can do your part to help save guacamole. Here are three hi-tech gadgets to help you reduce your carbon footprint:  

Use it like a thermostat and it will program itself! Nest Learning Thermostat will remember the temperature that you like and will make sure that the temperature is set accordingly while you are there. When you are gone, it will automatically turn itself down, saving energy and your wallet. And yes, it has a cool smartphone app!

You’ve always wanted a home automation system that allows you to control your electronics from anywhere for one reason or another (to save money, look cool, or reduce your carbon footprint).  Belkin WiMO Home Automation system has really simplified home automation. It uses motion sensors to turn electronics on and off, allows you to put your devices on a schedule, and operates via Wi-Fi and the internet. Oh, did we mention it has app for iOS and Android?  

If you are not ready to commit to installing large solar panels on your roof yet, or, if you do have large solar panels installed on your roof but you happen to be out hiking, how do you give your devices the extra juice they need? After all, we might get that life-changing email any moment now, right? The Sol Sport Solar Charging Kit is a portable solar charging station that works with any device that can be charged via USB!

4. BONUS (Non Hi-Tech)


WORM POOP! This composter can house thousands of your little minions (worms) who are working 24/7 to turn your kitchen scraps into nutrient rich fertilizer to grow your organic garden. And yes, when managed correctly, you can run an odorless operation. Note: You will still need to buy the worms.

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