Saturday, April 19, 2014

Boost Your Crops’ Performance Through Mobile Tech

Can you imagine that the person sitting next to you on a terrace in Madrid is currently controlling the irrigation system of their farms in Brazil and Argentina to maximize the efficiency of their water consumption? Nowadays this is possible through drop-by-drop irrigation systems controlled by mobile phones or tablets.

Drip irrigation systems for farming purposes have been in the scene since the 60’s and allow farmers to save water by controlling their water usage. These systems are highly efficient in terms of water utilization (around 90%) compared with other systems that waste much more water.

In the 90’s these irrigation systems were controlled from a small console located in the farm near the source of the irrigation system. The farmer would program the console for the desired irrigation rate and could change it as desired.

In 2000, these irrigation systems started to be controlled from a PC connected to internet or GMS, which enabled the farmer to control the system from home. Nowadays, with the evolution in the communications sector, these same systems are managed by an application on your mobile phone or tablet.

The result of this technological innovation has been increased efficiency in farming, particularly regarding water savings. When used together with applications that forecast the weather, this represents a significant improvement for the farming sector.

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